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Junior Monarch Semi-Final results 2011 | Crop Over Barbados
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Junior Monarch Semi-Final results 2011

Given Name Sobriquet Song
Ric-Anne Brathwaite Candy Princess Not Leaving
Trevon Callender Mighty King I Clean Dem
Ranesha Cummins Confetti I Am A Winner
Moesha Elder Mighty Princess School
Jazz Gittens Jazz-Z How To Win A Crown
Carrie-Lynn Grazette Carrie G Sing My Song
Raanan Hackett Raanan The Dream
Teriq Linton Adonis Rocking Calypsonian
Sarah Patrick Say-Say I Am Not Frighten

All Finalists will appear at the Junior Monarch Lunchtime Concert at the Frank Collymore Hall on July 20 before the Finals at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on at 7:00 pm July 23, 2011.

Contact Info

Contact the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) 246-424-0909 or go to www.barbadoscropoverfestival.com

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